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#1: Land Flipping Mastery -

The 8 Step System To Flipping Land Without Ever Visiting a Property

(Price $2,497)

Module 1: Mindset

  • Avoid spending your life being used a resource to build someone else's empire

  • Learn How Rich People think versus how Poor People think

  • Discover how to combine your inner mind game (your tool box) with your outer game (the tools) to explode your income

  • Mindset and it's impact on goal setting

Module 2: How to Pick a Market

  • Avoid the common landmine of picking a bad market where you can successfully buy land at a discount but won't be able to re-sell it for a profit

  • Learn how to systematically and repeatably select profitable markets where there is a huge buyer pool sell your land to

Module 3: Getting a List Of

Property Owners

  • Discover why knowing where to get a list is only half the battle

  • Avoid the landmine of selecting a bad data source to pull your list of targeted owners

  • Learn how to 'scrub' or cleanse your list so you are targeting a list filled with sellers who are primed to sell their property to you

Module 4: Lead Generation Strategies

  • Discover the power of a direct mail campaign

  • Learn how 1 channel of outbound marketing it good but multi-channel marketing is better

  • Discover that in addition to doing it all yourself, there are done for you solutions out there to outsource cold calling and text messaging campaigns

  • Discover your options for mail houses and how the right decisions early on could save you thousands and selecting the wrong one could put you grossly overpaying!

  • Learn how to get your campaigns activated and get your lists onto letters and in the mailboxes of your targeted owners

Module 5: Lead Management

  • Avoid the disorganization and wasted time that so many others do when they start flipping land. Land flipping is messy. Get organized and grow your land business from the start with the best CRM software system for land flipping.

Module 6: Intake Process

  • Avoid spending countless hours qualifying and researching properties, learn my proven and proprietary F.A.S.T. method for qualifying properties in 10 minutes or less

  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently do a deeper dive into researching the property without getting caught in the quicksand of due diligence

  • Discover my what platforms I use to quickly pull comps and value land

Module 7: Buying Properties

  • Avoid being trapped on the phone for hours with unmotivated sellers and learn how to keep your seller on track and move them towards accepting your offers

  • Discover why it is so important to set expectations with a seller after they have accepted your offer

  • Learn how to open escrow with a title company and how to successfully close on the purchase of your property through title.

Module 8: Selling Properties

  • Discover the multiple options and exit strategies you have when selling land (Cash & Seller Financing)

  • Avoid listing and selling properties yourself and learn how to find the best agents to list with

  • Learn how to close on the sale of a property

#2: Land Flipping Mastery Welcome Package (Worth $100)

#2: Land Flipping Mastery Welcome Package (Worth $100)


Free Bonus #1: 4 Months of PebbleREI Crm for Land Investors (Worth $992)

  • Avoid the time you spend on mailers and offers by cutting this time down to minutes and ensure mailers go out daily – creating consistency in your pipeline

  • Attain access to all my letter & postcard templates, as they have built into Pebble's template library

  • Learn how to use Pebble to manage property data & generate predictable leads by streamlining workflow. Automate mailing, manage property data and build your marketing campaigns all in one place.

Free Bonus #2: Swipe my list pulling criteria (Worth $750)

  • Access to one of my most powerful Secret Weapon software's for pulling lists

  • Avoid spending years setting up your search & list pulling criteria by having your account preloaded with my search settings

  • Avoid the time-trap of manually scrubbing & cleansing your mailing lists. You don't need to be an Excel expert if you use my preferred list provider

  • Discover the power of pulling targeted list of owners that are primed to sell

Free Bonus #3: Call Scripts (3) (Worth $1,000)

  • Avoid spending months or even years of talking to sellers before realizing you need a call script

  • Avoid the mistakes a rookie land flipper makes when trying to create their own seller lead call script

  • Discover the power of using my Call script for speaking with Seller Leads

  • Avoid the confusion and frustration of requesting opinions of value from realtors/agents

  • Learn what questions to ask realtors/agents and what methods of outreach are most effective

  • Attain my email and call scripts for reaching out to agents to request opinions of value and suggested list prices

Free Bonus #4: 1 Call Center Script and Negotiated Discounted Pricing (Worth $250)

  • Avoid the inconvenience and ineffectiveness of fielding all the seller lead calls yourself

  • Learn who I recommend for live call answering and discover the significant savings you will get by taking advantage of my negotiated pricing with this proven company

  • Attain my Call script to hand off to your call center when outsourcing live call answering

Free Bonus #5: - Private Community Group Filled with

Experienced Investors Willing to Help (Worth $1,000)

  • Network with other land bosses / land flippers / land investors / Deal Funders

  • Access opportunities like partnering on deals



Fast Action Bonus #1: 30 Minute Personalized Land Flipping Game Plan (Worth $2,500)

  • Avoid the landmines most rookie land flippers make when selecting markets

  • Access opportunities like partnering on deals

Fast Action Bonus #2: Land Boss Business In A Box

(Worth $5,000)

  • Where to get a Buying website

  • Where to get an LLC

  • Setup a Simple Phone system

  • Where to get your virtual mailbox setup

  • Sample Offer Letter Swipe File

  • Purchase Agreement Swipe File

  • Postcard Swipe File

  • Letter Swipe File


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“Innovative, Enthusiastic, Committed! Travis has a fantastic approach to planning and goal setting, and he provides data driven, realistic expectations for the business. I've also appreciated all of the extra time he's taken to talk through questions to ensure I'm on track. I love our plan for the year, we're already on target with the properties we've sold and the others in our pipeline! Working with him is a great investment!!”

"Ajay said, "DO IT!!!! Travis helped me understand how to get "laser focus" on growing and scaling my land business. With the help of Travis, I feel that my business is ready to take the next step in scaling up from a "side-hustle" to a business. Travis helps you define aspects of your business that you didn't know existed, and break down topics into Layman's terms so everyone can understand it. The cost of his training is insignificant compared to the value you receive. This thought doesn't even take into account the funding offered, Slack channel. If you're on the fence of signing up and are looking for steps to take your business to the next level, Travis is your answer."

August 16, 2022

"Travis basically lays out exactly how to do everything from scouting a new area to sending out a mailer. I followed the instructions on the first mailer I sent out. I closed a deal that I made $12,000 on. It was pretty easy after that to see there's a clear ROI in working with Travis. Travis opened my eyes to subdividing and I actually recently just got a property on the market with over a $100,000 spread. I wouldn't have had the confidence to do it if it wasn't for Travis. So I just, I can't thank Travis enough for all the help he's given me in growing my business! Anyone that is considering working with Travis, I would highly recommend it. I mean, you just can't lose and you have so much to gain."

Background: Ajay is 24 years old and less than 2 years out of college after graduating from Kelley School of Business, where he obtained a degree in Corporate Innovation with a Co-Major in Technology Management. He was working a corporate job and using his knowledge of Innovation and Technology to solve business pain points for global corporations but he had an entrepreneurial yearning and wanted to build his own empire not somebody elses.

Update as of 8/24/2022: Ajay's part-time land flipping business was going so well that he quit his corporate job, went full time and actually has 2 remote employees working for him. The Sky is the limit for this wonderkid!

About Travis King

About Travis King

With well over 7 figures of land investment deals and hundreds of transactions under his belt, Travis has established himself in the land investing industry as a "no-nonsense" powerhouse investor and The Top Coach for Intermediate & Advanced Investors.

His methods are based on precise calculations and strategies using state-of-the-art software and tools known to only the top 1% in the business.

Travis has built his business by overdelivering on value.

With well over 7 figures of land investment deals and hundreds of transactions under his belt, Travis has established himself in the land investing industry as a "no-nonsense" powerhouse investor and The Top Coach for Intermediate & Advanced Investors.

His methods are based on precise calculations and strategies using state-of-the-art software and tools known to only the top 1% in the business.

Travis has built his business by overdelivering on value.